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Restaurants have a large impact on the way society views food and food waste. We lean on experienced chefs taking bold and creative measures to expand our palates and produce delicious dishes from food that may have once been considered waste. For years, chefs have made delicacies from items such as “waste fish” that fishermen’s wives would make into what we now call Bouillabaisse. Restaurants not only have the creative ability to serve otherwise unknown foods but also the influence to inspire a culture’s taste for sustainability.

How to Reduce Food Waste in Restaurants

It’s estimated that restaurants are leaving approximately $2 billion in profits on the table as a result of food waste.*
45% of wastage of restaurant food occurs at the preparatory stage, 21% due to improper storage, and 34% in the scraps of food left on customers’ plates.* Reviewing food preparation and storage guidelines and reducing portion sizes can generate significant savings. Simple changes, such as offering a single bowl of “bottomless” fries for each table, as opposed to individual servings, can result in surprising savings.

Reduce Food Waste with the ORCA

Restaurants see a 600% saving over 3 years by investing in food waste reduction technologies such as the ORCA.* Waste is accurately measured and monitored by food type and source, enabling it to be reduced by as much as 50%,* and the remaining waste is treated on-site before being further recycled at wastewater treatment plants, where the nutrients are extracted to create renewable biogas or used for land application.
Talk to our food waste experts today to learn how you can save costs and reduce your environmental impact with ORCA.

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