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With a greater demand for sustainable travel, farm-to-table menu options and an increasing drive for data reporting, the lodging industry is under intense pressure to increase the sustainability of their food service offerings.

Tackling Food Waste in Lodging

Providing clients with a memorable experience from their stay is an important part of any hospitality business, particularly during banquets and events. Unfortunately, the tendency to overproduce food products in order to provide “an abundant supply” for guests leads to vast amounts of wasted food throughout the industry. Typical buffers added to menu planning to ensure sufficient quantities of food can commonly create double what the average person can eat in one sitting, resulting in a startling 50% of the food produced going to waste.*

The collaboration between The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA), with support from The Rockefeller Foundation, created a resource toolkit to challenge the industry to prevent food waste, donate what cannot be prevented and divert what remains. You can find the link to the full toolkit below.


Get Help from the ORCA

ORCA supports the sustainable growth of the lodging industry. Through intelligent waste data measurement, combined with responsible disposal, onsite technologies such as the ORCA have shown 50% reductions in food waste generated and tens of thousands of dollars in savings annually.*

Talk to our food waste experts today to learn how you can save costs and reduce your environmental impact with ORCA.

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