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The healthcare industry faces many challenges with regard to organic waste management, from operational stressors to time and cost constraints.

Tackling Food Waste in Health Care

Food waste accounts for 10-15% of an average hospital’s waste stream.* On average, the healthcare industry sees about 40% of all purchased food ending up as waste.* This equates to 2,750 trays ordered per month that return untouched to the kitchen * As well as over 10 tons of food per month ending up as waste due to overproduction.* According to a study conducted by Practice Greenhealth, it was found that reducing food waste in hospitals cuts food purchasing budgets by up to 6%.*

Strategies such as optimizing stock and menu management, letting patients choose their own meals, reducing the time between ordering and meal service, mapping meals to patients and not beds, optimizing food availability for staff, and then tracking the improvements made can make a significant benefit to patient and staff welfare, while reducing food waste volumes and costs.

Reduce Food Waste with the ORCA

It’s important to gather data to create an effective waste reduction plan. With the ORCA, waste is measured and recorded by food type before disposal, providing accurate data to help shape new practices and procedures. This process can reduce food waste by as much as 50%,* generating impressive savings. Separate food waste collections are eliminated as the remaining waste is treated on-site before being further recycled at wastewater treatment plants, where the nutrients are extracted to create renewable biogas or used for land application.</>

As an on-site treatment solution, the ORCA creates a safer, cleaner, and more efficient food waste management system, eliminating the odour and pest issues previously associated with food waste storage.

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Industry-specific Cases:

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