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Managing food waste in education has many challenges. From lack of resources and confusion over serving policies to deeply entrenched behaviours of wasting edible food. However, this industry has an immense opportunity to expand students’ creativity, as well as teach them the importance of food waste reduction.*

Reducing Food Waste in Education

The World Wildlife Fund report estimates that schools in the U.S. waste 39.2 pounds of food waste per day. Schools, which serve more than 4 billion lunches per year in the U.S., can turn cafeterias into classrooms by implementing data measurement and increasing awareness around food waste.*
This may include formulating new lessons and activities, making posters and other materials to educate fellow classmates, setting goals to learn about and reduce waste, and much more.*
We hope these steps will empower the next generation of food waste warriors to start looking for solutions to take home with them!

Reduce Food Waste with the ORCA

School cafeterias can see a 600% saving over 3 years by investing in food waste reduction technologies such as the ORCA.*Waste is accurately measured and monitored by food type and source, enabling it to be reduced by as much as 50%*. This data can also be fed back to students to increase engagement in the food waste reduction program.
The remaining waste is treated on-site before being further recycled at wastewater treatment plants, where the nutrients are extracted to create renewable biogas or used for land application, reducing your school’s carbon footprint.
Talk to our food waste experts today to learn how you can save costs and reduce your environmental impact with ORCA.

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