The parent company of the ORCA is Totally Green Inc., a pioneer in organic food processing systems, founded in 2007. This Toronto-based company develops, manufactures and markets the ORCA solution, which consists of a machine that sustainably processes food waste, and an extensive service plan to ensure clients get the support and attention they need.

The ORCA machine enables rapid composting of most organic material in institutional and commercial end-user applications, after which the liquid effluent is safely discharged into the municipal sewage system.

The machine creates meaningful cost savings for customers while diverting food waste disposal from landfills and reducing methane gas production. The ORCA technology offers businesses an innovative and affordable solution for food and beverage by-product disposal.

Our story

Since 2007, Totally Green, maker of the ORCA, has been committed to helping the food-service industry reduce its carbon footprint.

Because food-service operations can generate an enormous amount of food waste every day, we feel it's important to implement technology that can reduce or even eliminate this waste. The ORCA technology is leading-edge but relatively simple solution that enables food service companies to dispose of their food waste on site, without having to pay for trucks to haul away the waste to landfill.

Totally Green has placed more than 150 ORCA machines into service to date across the United States and Canada.

Philosophy, vision & values

Totally Green, makers of the ORCA, believes that sustainability, cost efficiency and environmental stewardship can all work in harmony, rather than be opposing forces. The ORCA technology, which food service operations across North America have been increasingly adopting, is key technology in the fight against pollution and environmental degradation.

Our vision is a future where all waste is recycled and landfills become a thing of the past. As the provider of leading-edge organic waste disposal technology, we want to be the catalysts of change in the way waste is dealt with in our society.

Environmental policy

Totally Green, makers of the ORCA, believe that every business should invest time and effort in environmental stewardship. Our ORCA technology is at the forefront in building a better business model where money is no longer spent on old, polluting technology. Instead, the ORCA results in environmental dividends, with trucks taken off the road, organic food waste diverted from landfills, methane pollution significantly reduced, and food waste recycled into renewable resources.