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Cyprus & Greece – Nadanotium, Ltd.

Toronto, Canada, March 29, 2019 — ORCA Digesters is pleased to announce its latest partnership with Nadanotium, Ltd. Headquartered in Athens, Nadonotium is the exclusive distributor of the ORCA technology throughout Greece and Cyprus.
“We’re really excited to have Nadanotium on board,” says Louis Anagnostakos, CEO of ORCA Digesters. “Our collaborative efforts will place an ORCA throughout the Mediterranean.”ORCA recycles food waste at the point of generation. This hyperlocal technology leverages data from its built-in scales to inform just how much food waste is being diverted from landfill at any given time.“The ORCA technology is going to be great for Greece and Cyprus,” says Theo Zoumboulidis, CEO of Nadanotium. “There has already been an overwhelmingly positive reception to ORCA by major hotel groups.”

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