OG50 – Low Profile

Low Profile 2Cruise ship operators face considerable challenges in managing the waste they generate on-board.  With cruise ships emitting three to four times as much carbon dioxide per passenger-mile as an airplane jet, cruise ship operators must find as many ways to reduce their impact on marine environments.  Also, the time and cost of removing waste from ships at ports has a considerable impact on prices and financial performance, while exposing employees to unpleasant and unhealthy work environments.

To address these challenges ORCA and Total Marine Solutions have developed the ORCA OG50 – Low Profile Unit.  The OG50 – Low Profile Unit efficiently converts onboard food waste into grey water – dramatically reducing its environmental impact. The technologies internal screens prevent all large solids and non-food waste items from exiting into the drain system.  Once installed in the galley, the crew onboard begin treating the food waste generated from food prep and end of meal service just meters from where the waste was generatedNo need to transport food waste to below decks for processing, increasing crew efficiency and welfare. The ORCA OG50-Low Profile also incorporates a countertop work surface for optimal use of space.

Low Profile Counter

Key Benefits:

  • Eliminate food waste
  • Improve environmental performance
  • Reduce disposal
  • Increase crew efficiency
  • Improve crew welfare