Introducing Baby ORCA

NEW YORK, NY, September 05, 2018 — ORCA is pleased to announce the availability of its smallest model yet, Baby ORCA. Baby ORCA is only 32″ long but can recycle up to 360lbs of food waste each day. Requiring only five square feet of real estate, the Baby ORCA addresses the space constraint that can often be found in a lot of food establishments.

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A hyperlocal, clean technology, ORCA will recycle your food waste at the point of generation. By doing so, ORCA reduces the number of garbage trucks on the road, the amount of waste that is hauled to landfill, and it helps clients to achieve their sustainability initiatives.

Just as important, the new and improved customer-centric online portal also allows clients to see how much food waste they have diverted from landfills and the environmental equivalents based on each clients’ individual goals and targets.

All ORCA models use an aerobic digestion process to turn food waste into an environmentally safe liquid that safely discharges into the sanitary sewer system. Once at the wastewater treatment plant, the liquid can be used to create renewable energy.

“The addition of Baby ORCA to our product line means that we can help even more organizations divert food waste from the landfill,” said Louis Anagnostakos, CEO of ORCA Digesters. “We know that space within a kitchen is valuable real estate, so we designed Baby ORCA with this in mind. Now even the smallest organization can work on their diversion goals.”

ORCA Digesters is a global leader in food waste recycling systems. The Company develops, manufactures and markets the innovative ORCA aerobic digester that allows for rapid composting of food waste in institutional and commercial applications. Through a microbial process, food waste is converted into a liquid that can be safely discharged into the sanitary sewer system. The solution creates meaningful cost savings for customers while diverting food waste from landfills and reducing emissions related to the transportation of waste. ORCA offers businesses an innovative and affordable solution for food waste disposal. For more information about Baby ORCA, visit