Frequently asked questions about ORCA

How often and how much can I feed the ORCA?

The key to ORCA’s success is balanced feeding just like your stomach. If you feed it too much at one time it takes longer to digest, a balanced diet is the best way to allow the ORCA to be most effective.

Does the machine ever need to be turned off?

The answer is simple… No.

How long is the installation process?

Installation and training are conducted the same day. It is that easy. On the day of installation we will train all shifts to make sure they’re thoroughly educated on the ORCA.

Is there any residue left over that needs to be removed at all?

All food waste goes right down the drain there is no food left to remove ever.

What does the 'full service & consumables' package include?

Every 60 days, one of our service technicians will be by to make sure everything is in working order. They will replenish your ORCA’s Microorganism supply, and ensure that your biochip levels are satisfactory. Microorganism and biochips are included in the service and consumables package. There is no extra charge.